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By The Wakaii Team

Bringing Plushies to the Hospital: A Comprehensive Guide

Heading to the hospital can be a stressful experience. Your favorite kawaii plushie from Wakaii might be the comfort you need.

But can you bring your plushie to the hospital? The answer is yes!

With careful consideration and by following a few essential steps, you can indeed bring your cuddly companion along.

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The Hygiene Factor: Hospitals and Cleanliness

Hospitals have strict rules about cleanliness, and that might affect whether you can bring your plushie. Here's what you need to know:

1. Dust and Germs: Why Hospitals Worry

Even the cleanest plushie can attract dust and germs. Hospitals must be cautious about anything that might carry contaminants. Here's what you need to do:

  • Choose materials like cotton or silk that are less likely to attract contaminants.
  • Opt for washable and hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • Avoid plushies with lots of fur or feathers.
  • Consult the hospital if unsure about acceptable fabrics.

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2. Your Roommate: Sharing Space Means Sharing Rules

  • Shared Rooms: If you're in a shared room, the hospital must consider the other patient's health too.
  • Private Rooms: In a private room, you might have more flexibility, but it's still best to check.
washing plushie

    Allergies and Sensitivities

    Your plushie might be your best friend, but some materials in plushies can cause allergies.

    1. Materials and Chemicals: What's in Your Plushie?

    The stuff that makes your plushie soft and colorful might be a concern for others.

    • Fabric Types: Some plushies might contain materials that could trigger allergies in others.
    • Dyes and Additives: The chemicals that make your plushie colorful might be a concern.

    2. Your Health Condition: Your Body, Your Rules

    Depending on why you're going to the hospital, there might be special considerations.

    • Your Allergies: If you have known allergies, make sure your plushie doesn't contain triggers.
    • Your Immune System: If your immune system is compromised, even your plushie might pose a risk.
    kid hugging a plushie, both have a mask on

        Choosing the Right Plushie: Your Companion Matters

        Selecting the right plushie for your hospital stay isn't just about picking the cutest one. There are practical considerations to keep in mind:

        1. Material Matters: What's Your Plushie Made Of?

        The fabric and materials of your plushie can have implications for both comfort and hygiene.

        • Hypoallergenic Fabrics: Look for plushies made with hypoallergenic materials if you have sensitivities.
        • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces: A plushie with a surface that can be wiped clean might be a wise choice.

          2. Size and Practicality: Finding the Perfect Fit

          The size of your plushie can affect both your comfort and the practicality of having it in the hospital room.

          • Space Considerations: Hospital rooms can be small, so think about the size of your plushie.
          • Storage: Consider where you'll keep your plushie when you're not cuddling it.
          many plushies

            Packing and Preparing Your Plushie

            Bringing your plushie to the hospital requires some preparation. Here's how to get ready:

            1. Cleanliness First: Preparing Your Plushie

            Ensuring your plushie is clean before your hospital stay is essential.

            • Washing Guidelines: Follow the care instructions for your plushie, considering washing your plushie and thorough drying.
            • Protective Bag: Packing your plushie in a resealable plastic bag can keep it clean during transit.

            2. Emotional Preparation: More Than Just Packing

            Your plushie is a source of emotional comfort, and preparing it for the hospital stay can be a meaningful process.

            • A Comforting Note: Attach a comforting note or reminder to your plushie, like a positive affirmation.
            • A Familiar Scent: Consider lightly spritzing your plushie with a calming scent, as long as it complies with hospital guidelines.
            a plushie in a school bag

              Checking with the Hospital

              Every hospital is different, and your situation is unique. Here's how to find out if your plushie can come with you:

              1. Before You Pack: Make That Call

              A quick call to the hospital can clear things up.

              • Call the Hospital's General Line: Ask for the specific ward or department you'll be in.
              • Speak with the Nursing Staff: They'll know the specific rules for your situation.
              • Ask About the Hospital's General Policy: Some hospitals have a general policy about personal items like plushies.

              2. When You Arrive: Confirm with Your Care Team

              Once you're settled in your room, make sure everything is in order.

              • Ask Your Nurse: Confirm with your nurse that it's okay to have your plushie.
              • Check with Roommates: If you're sharing a room, it's courteous to check with your roommate too.
              person calling the hospital on the phone

                Making the Most of Your Plushie's Presence

                During your hospital stay, your plushie serves as more than just a decorative item; it's a comfort companion.

                Enjoy the cuddle time, let it spark joyful conversations, and allow it to be a symbol of home and strength.

                Returning Home: Caring for Your Plushie Post-Hospital

                Once you're back home, your plushie might need some care too.

                Consider giving it a gentle wash to remove any hospital germs and reflect on its role as a symbol of your strength and recovery.


                Your hospital stay might be a challenging time, but your kawaii plushie can be a source of comfort and joy.

                Have you ever brought a plushie to the hospital? How did it help you? Share your thoughts or stories with us; we'd love to hear from you!

                And if you're looking for a plushie for your hospital stay, check out our affordable plushies at Wakaii, we have an ongoing sale up to 50% off!

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                Can I bring multiple plushies to the hospital?

                While it may be possible to bring multiple plushies, it's essential to consider space and hygiene factors. Check with the hospital's specific guidelines and consider the practicality of having more than one plushie during your stay.

                What should I do with my plushie after returning from the hospital?

                After returning from the hospital, it's advisable to clean your plushie according to its care instructions. Consider its symbolic value and how you might want to incorporate it into your daily life or keep it as a special reminder of your journey.


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