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By The Wakaii Team

Your Go-To Guide for Wrapping Plushies: Top 12 Ideas

Gift-giving is an art, and part of that art is the presentation.

You've found the perfect plushie at Wakaii, but now you're faced with a challenge: how to wrap a stuffed animal?

Their adorable shape and size, while part of their charm, can make them a bit tricky to wrap. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process and share 12 creative ideas to make your gift stand out.

Materials Needed for Wrapping Plushies

Before we dive into the creative wrapping ideas, let's make sure we have all the necessary materials ready:

  • Wrapping paper: Choose a design that matches the occasion or the recipient's tastes.
  • Scissors: For cutting the wrapping paper to the right size.
  • Tape: To secure the wrapping paper.
  • Ribbons: To add a festive touch to your gift.

Choosing the right materials is important. The wrapping paper and ribbons should be sturdy enough to hold the plushie but flexible enough to work with its shape.

the materials needed

Creative Wrapping Ideas

Now, let's get creative! Here are 12 innovative ideas to make your plushie gift a visual treat:

1. The Basic Wrap

This is the simplest way to wrap a plushie:

  1. Lay out your wrapping paper and place the plushie on top. You'll want enough paper to cover the plushie completely, with a little extra for overlap.
  2. Cut the paper to size.
  3. Place the plushie in the middle of the paper. Bring the paper up over the plushie, securing it with tape.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the wrapped plushie for a festive touch.


plushie being wrapped in a basic way

2. The Basket Bundle

Who says baskets are only for Easter eggs? Here's how to create a basket bundle:

  1. Find a basket that will comfortably fit your plushie.
  2. Nestle your plushie in the basket, surrounded by colorful shredded paper or soft fabric.
  3. Wrap the basket in clear cellophane or leave it open for an immediate wow factor.
plushie in a basket

    3. The Tin Can Surprise

    This is a fun and unexpected method, especially for smaller plushies:

    1. Find a tin can that your plushie fits into.
    2. Place the plushie inside the can.
    3. Wrap the can as you would a regular gift.
    plushie in a tin can

      4. The Plushie Bouquet

      If you have multiple small plushies, why not arrange them into a bouquet?

      1. Wrap each plushie in clear or colored cellophane.
      2. Secure each wrap with a ribbon.
      3. Arrange the wrapped plushies together. You can even add in some artificial flowers or leaves for extra flair.
      plushie bouquet

        5. The Blanket Bundle

        This is a unique style perfect for plushies with odd shapes:

        1. Find a cute children's blanket and place your plushie in the center.
        2. Gather the blanket at the top, creating a bundle.
        3. Secure the bundle with a ribbon. This way, the wrapping becomes a bonus gift!
        plushie wrapped in a blanket

          6. The Balloon Burst Surprise

          This method adds an element of surprise and fun to your gift:

          1. Place the plushie inside a large balloon.
          2. Inflate the balloon and tie it off.
          3. Attach a pin and a note saying 'Pop me!' for an exciting unwrapping experience.
          plushie in a balloon

            7. The Candy Twist Wrap

            This method gives your plushie gift a sweet appearance:

            1. Place your plushie on a piece of wrapping paper and roll it up.
            2. Twist the ends like a candy wrapper.
            3. Secure each end with a ribbon for a cute and festive look.
            plushie wrapped like a candy twist

              8. The Mystery Box Reveal

              This method is perfect for adding an element of mystery to your gift:

              1. Find a box that your plushie fits into and place the plushie inside.
              2. Wrap the box as you would a regular gift.
              3. This method is perfect for keeping the plushie a surprise until the very last moment.
              mystery box

                9. The Newspaper Nostalgia

                Give your plushie a vintage vibe with a newspaper wrap.

                1. Find a page of newspaper that's large enough to wrap your plushie.
                2. Place the plushie in the center of the newspaper.
                3. Wrap the newspaper around the plushie and secure it with a piece of twine.

                It's a throwback to the good old days!

                plushie in a newspaper

                10. The Lunch Bag Lark

                A lunch bag can make a cute and quirky wrap for a small plushie.

                1. Find a paper lunch bag that your plushie fits into.
                2. Place the plushie inside the bag.
                3. Fold over the top of the bag and secure it with a cute sticker.

                It's a lunch bag surprise that's sure to delight!

                plushie in a lunch bag

                11. The Map Marvel

                Got an old map lying around? It can make a unique and interesting wrap.

                1. Find a map that's large enough to wrap your plushie.

                2. Place the plushie in the center of the map.
                3. Wrap the map around the plushie and secure it with a ribbon.

                It's a wrap that's perfect for the adventurous at heart!

                a plushie about to get wrapped in a map

                12. The Comic Book Craze

                A comic book page can make a colorful and fun wrap for a plushie.

                1. Find a comic book page that's large enough to wrap your plushie.
                2. Place the plushie in the center of the comic book page.
                3. Wrap the page around the plushie and secure it with tape.

                It's a wrap that's sure to be a hit with comic book fans!

                comic book wrap

                Tips for Wrapping Different Sizes of Plushies

                Whether you're wrapping a small, medium, or large plushie, the basic principles remain the same.

                However, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind:

                • Small plushies: These can be wrapped in a small box or even a decorated paper cup. You can also use small gift bags or envelopes for a quick and easy wrap.
                • Medium plushies: These can be wrapped using any of the methods mentioned above. Just make sure you have enough wrapping material to cover the entire plushie.
                • Large or oversized plushies: These might require a bit more creativity. You could use a large piece of fabric, a bed sheet, or even a tablecloth to wrap the plushie. Alternatively, you could place a large bow or ribbon on the plushie and call it a day!


                  Wrapping a plushie doesn't have to be a daunting task.

                  With a little creativity and the right materials, you can create a beautifully wrapped gift that will delight the receiver before they even see what's inside.

                  So why not give it a try? And remember, the most important thing is to have fun with it!

                  If you're now feeling inspired to gift a plushie, don't forget to check out our plushies collection at Wakaii. We have a wide range of adorable plushies that are just waiting to be wrapped and gifted!

                  And if you want to stay updated with more fun and creative ideas, subscribe to our newsletter. As a bonus, you'll get 15% off your next order!


                  What materials do I need to wrap a plushie?

                  You'll need wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and ribbons. Depending on the wrapping method, you might also need a basket, a tin can, a blanket, or a large balloon.

                  Can I wrap a plushie like a regular gift?

                  Yes, you can wrap a plushie like a regular gift using wrapping paper and tape. However, due to their unique shapes and sizes, plushies can also be wrapped in creative ways such as in a basket bundle or a blanket bundle.

                  What's a fun way to wrap a plushie?

                  There are many fun ways to wrap a plushie. For example, you can put the plushie in a large balloon, inflate it, and attach a note saying "Burst for a surprise!" for an exciting unwrapping experience.


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