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By The Wakaii Team

10 Adorable Plushies in Space: Their Stories, Missions, and Impact!

Welcome to the world of space exploration, where not only humans and robots make history, but also our cuddly companions - plushies!

Let's embark on a journey to discover the first and most notable stuffed animals that have ventured into the cosmos.

Famous Plushies In Space

1. The Pioneer: Magellan T. Bear

The first plushie to go to space was Magellan T. Bear.

This cuddly bear wasn't just hitching a ride on the Space Shuttle Discovery on the STS-63 mission in February 1995 - nope, this bear had a mission.

He was there to get kids excited about space exploration, and man, did he rock it!

Magellan T. Bear
(Credit: National Air and Space Museum)

2. The British Teddy Astronauts: MAT and KMS

After our boy Magellan, we've got these two teddy bears, MAT and KMS.

They soared into the stratosphere strapped to a helium weather balloon in 2008, testing out some spiffy custom-designed space suits.

This wasn't just about looking good in zero-gravity (though they definitely did).

These teddies were gathering data on how the suits held up in sub-zero conditions. Way to go, bears!


(Credit: Astro Engine)

3. Snoopy: The Canine Astronaut

No need for introductions here, we're talking about the beloved beagle, Snoopy!

This pup's been a symbol for NASA since the Apollo era, showing off their dedication to safety and mission success.

But get this - Snoopy hitched a ride on the Artemis I mission, launched in 2022, serving as a zero-gravity indicator.

Secured in the Orion spacecraft, Snoopy flew beyond the Moon and back, logging over 1.4 million miles.

(Credit: NASA TV)

4. Sam the Dog: A High-Flying Pup

Sam the Dog wasn't your ordinary plush toy.

Equipped with a GoPro camera and GPS, this stuffed pup was launched by English school kids into the stratosphere, reaching 15.5 miles above Earth.

The voyage, part of an educational project with SentIntoSpace, faced recovery challenges due to weather, but the kids were undeterred, planning their own rescue mission to bring Sam home.

sam the dog

5. Red: The Angry Bird in Space

Rolling onto the scene is Red, the fiery character from the Angry Bird video game series.

He hopped aboard the Soyuz TMA-22 spacecraft in 2011, marking the first time a video game character made it to space.

He was promoting the Angry Birds Space game, developed in collaboration with NASA to introduce players to the concepts of microgravity.

red the angry bird

6. Owl Plushie: The Wise Astronaut

Next in our star-studded lineup, an Owl Plushie joined Alexei Ovchinin on his trip to the International Space Station.

Our wise, feathery friend was a zero-gravity indicator, floating freely once the spacecraft reached orbit.

owl plushie

(Credit: Jason Davis)

7. Dinosaur Plushie: The First Plushie Created in Outer Space

In a history-making moment, astronaut Karen Nyberg sewed the first Dinosaur Plushie during her stay at the International Space Station.

Made from scraps found on the station, this stuffed animal shows that human creativity can thrive, even in space!

dinosaur plushie

(Credit: Karen Nyberg)

8. Earth Plushie (Buddy): The First Solo Plushie Astronaut

Now, this is a biggie! Buddy was chosen by Elon Musk to single-handedly man SpaceX’s first commercial spaceship, the Crew Dragon Demo-1, in 2019.

Buddy's mission? Test out the spacecraft's systems before it was deemed safe for human astronauts.

earth plushie (buddy)

(Credit: Anne McClain)

9. Tremor: The Sparkly Apatosaurus

Next up, we've got Tremor, a sparkly plushie apatosaurus, who tagged along with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on SpaceX's Crew Dragon spaceship that was launched into orbit in May 2020.


10. Baby Yoda: The Star Wars Critter

Last, but definitely not least, we've got Baby Yoda, that little green powerhouse from Star Wars.

He made it to the International Space Station, bringing a touch of the Force with him.

baby yoda

(Credit: NASA TV)

The Role of Plushies in Space Exploration

These plushie pioneers aren't just adorable - they're playing a big role in space exploration.

They're helping kids get excited about space and making complex scientific ideas more approachable.

Plus, let's not forget the British teddy astronauts MAT and KMS who helped gather crucial data on space suit performance in sub-zero conditions!

Future of Plushies in Space

With more space missions on the horizon, you better believe plushies are going to be part of the journey.

Each one has a unique mission, and they're playing a big part in shaping the future of space exploration and education.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! Plushies in space aren't just about looking cute - they're helping us understand the universe, get kids excited about science, and proving that space exploration isn't just for humans.

Got any ideas about what the future holds for plushies in space? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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Remember, in space, no one can hear you squeak!


Have any other plushies gone to space?

Yes, besides the ones mentioned in the blog, various other plushies have made the journey to space. Some of these plushies have been personal items of astronauts, while others have been a part of educational programs.

What is the purpose of sending plushies to space?

Plushies are often sent to space for educational and outreach purposes. They serve as a fun and engaging way to spark interest in space exploration, particularly among children. Some plushies have also been part of scientific experiments.

How do plushies get chosen for space missions?

The selection process can vary. Some plushies are chosen by astronauts as personal items, while others are selected through educational initiatives or public votes. Commercial entities may also send plushies to promote their brands or specific products.

Are the plushies returned to Earth?

Yes, most plushies that are sent to space return to Earth, although the specific arrangements can vary depending on the mission. Once back on Earth, they often continue their educational roles in museums, schools, or public events.


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